Magick, Money, and Mayhem: Hate the Finacial System? Get Up Off Your Ass And Do Something About It!

Here lately there has been a whole lot of stuff being written on the metaphysical side about charging for services and how “magick”, or “meditation” or “vast yogic awesome powers” factor into having money, or not. Over at this blog, the case is made that “Magick” isn’t necessarily about rolling in the dough and is often an arduous responsibility particularly on shamanic paths. On this blog, another view is promoted suggesting that magick is “mainly about getting one’s physical needs met”. Whereas on THIS blog, the writer suggests one can do both at once—a sort of middle path. Stepping away from the realm of Magick and into the realm of the Law of Attraction, we find on Melody Fletcher’s blog the view that one should charge for their services, and not fall into poverty for doing spiritual work. That’s a whole lotta views, with a whole lot of seemingly irreconcilable differences.

The first question that arises to me on the basis of all these views seemingly populating in out of nowhere is why are they suddenly here now? My guess is is because the financial system as we have known it is undergoing massive change that will ultimately lead to its extinction—at least as we understand it. Why will this happen? Because the financial system is an arbitrary thing designed by mankind. Money holds no inherent value. A bag of oranges, on the other hand, has intrinsic worth. If tomorrow the United States government stopped existing, all of those pieces of paper in banks would be nothing more than fire kindling on cold nights. A bag of oranges, though, has value regardless of whether the United States government exists or not.


See This Stuff? Worthless. It’s no more energy than toilet paper is.

So, the reason why we find so much discussion NOW is that we are being asked to change how we relate to money. Where do our values really lie, what has worth, and so on. I’d like to address some concepts regarding money and Magick/spirituality raised by these article to offer a different perspective on the matter.

First, no evolutionary growth ever happened from timid responses on the behalf of those who were responsible for accelerating such things. If the monetary system as it stands OFFENDS YOU, then you have to take some action that is DIFFERENT otherwise you become PART of the problem. Many of the justifications stem around people needing to be able to live, and how we need money to do that. That’s not entirely right. Mankind lived and survived long before money ever entered the picture. It is the fear that without money we can’t get by that keeps us, ironically, locked into a system where we require one another to HAVE MONEY! This is what one might call a “vicious cycle”. “I have to live so therefore I charge because if I don’t I can’t make it and I have to make a living!” This kind of thinking, in my opinion, lacks imagination. The world might be more reliant on the financial system as it stands right NOW, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start living in part like we live in some economy where we exchange talents or barter. When I do astrology readings or tarot card readings, I let people decide what I have to offer is worth. Worth is the key word here, because worth is not tethered to money. If someone wanted to say, value what I gave them in terms of a wheelbarrow full of apples, that’d be completely fine with me. If they wanted to give me ten gallons of gasoline in exchange for a reading, I’d be up for that. If they wanted to exchange some dental work or a doctor’s exam, I’d be willing to do that too. In fact, ANY of those things are far more useful and valuable to me than money. I use money FOR those things only because we’ve all agreed that is what money “ought to do”.

Next, I want to address the idea that “money is energy”. Yes, money is energy, but so is shit. Not metaphorical shit, literal shit. When people speak of abundance, they almost seem to equate abundance with “money”. Abundance has nothing whatsoever to do with money, because as I’ve established, money is an abstraction that has no inherent worth. The only reason it has ANY worth is because of the items that DO have value that we agree to swap it for. It is an abstract worth as opposed to an actual worth. In that literal shit can be used as fertilizer, it has more worth than money. If someone had a pile of horse manure though, we might not be inclined to think that person had anything of value. If we could have either the pile of dung or pile of money, most of us would pick the pile of money thinking it would be worth more. However, if tomorrow the government dissolves, we should have picked the dung, because at least we can use it as fertilizer. There is a difference between “energy that is put here by the universe” and “energy that man has decided ought to be here”. One is natural, the other is artificial. One is governed by natural rhythms, the other governed by more artificial ones. So, if money is energy, what happens at the point the US government collapses? Does it suddenly become “not so much about energy” anymore? Is it “bad energy”? Here’s an easier answer: It’s just a cardboard cut out for the things that have value regardless—and it is THOSE things that have energy and value—not dead men on pieces of paper.

We should take a moment and stop by the topic of INTEREST. Interest is a vile, vile practice. It is a process whereby for giving someone something we charge them for what we gave them while admitting that they “don’t have what we gave them”. In other words, we set people up to be “in our debts” which is just another way of formulating slavery—not to mention not keeping the wheels of gratitude and success turning as they ought to. Of all the monetary abstractions, charging interest is the worst because it deliberately puts more money in the pockets of those who least need it.

Now on to the spirituality and poverty chat. If people are REALLY into consciousness and its unfoldment and practice things such as Magick and meditation, then one would think they would want to actively contribute to life looking differently—especially for something as completely screwed up as the monetary system is. When one meditates on something like money, I’m going to bet one finds pretty quickly that the spirit-world doesn’t give two shits about it. There’s a reason for that. You know what it is? Get ready. Brace yourself. It’s because the spirit-world doesn’t give two shits about money.

Why doesn’t it? Because the spirit-world is clever. It knows what sustains life, and realizes what sustains life is NOT money, and that money is often misused in egregious ways. When man makes money the arbiter of what sustains life, he does so in direct defiance of nature. He says, in essence, “Yes there are these forests, streams, and places to farm, but since you don’t have money you do not deserve these things!” Nature makes no such proclamation. Nature says, “Yeah, there are dangers out here, but your task is simple, survive and use the bounty I provide to do so.” It takes the artificial insertion of a system like money to disrupt this agreement between nature and man. Suddenly, one person can afford food, and the person living next door can’t, although there is plenty enough and land enough for both.

Assuming I have special yoga/Magick awesome spiritual powers, should I use these for money? There is nothing inherently wrong with doing so, but it depends on the spirit in which such a thing is done. If you demand exorbitant fees and withhold your help from those who need it because they can’t pay you, you have now become “Part of the Problem” and are exhibiting a marked “Lack of charity” and also being a “basic detriment to giving a shit about your fellow human being”. If you didn’t really “do anything” to receive these gifts, then you fail to “pass along the charity granted to you by the universe” and instead become extortionistic. On the OTHER hand, if you use your talents and gifts in such a way that people express their gratitude for your help by giving you money or whatever, then everything is in balance. The reason money becomes an issue at all is that it has become divorced from things like gratitude and value. Institutions like the stock market make it that way.

As to the argument that doing practical things with magic is somehow divorced from the spiritual—I find these to be wholly delusional. Survival like so many other things can be spiritual exercises. If a person is using Magick or what-have-you just to survive, then it may be they are doing exactly what they need to be doing to learn spiritually about what they need to learn. The division between Magick done for this or that as being spiritual versus non-spiritual is poppycock. It is also true however that many paths that are spiritual or Magickal are more difficult for people. This is often because as the old saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility”. As a person walks that spiritual path more and more, they begin to learn what is and is not important. Much of the world proves to be a distraction—the middle path proposed in the article above isn’t even a path by virtue that there is no path that bifurcates materiality and spirituality.

It is not that money is inherently bad or evil, but money is artificial and easily abused and leveraged in a multitude of ways so as to keep some rich and others poor. This fact I do not believe can be denied by any one who wishes to speak metaphysically. Money, like water, tends to roll down hill into the pockets of those who already have it. This is not so much a matter of energy so much as it is a matter of the structure of the system in which money operates which is artificial and seemingly designed to generate disparity. It is not a matter of “energy” if while playing poker, I discover that the game is rigged. It is only a matter of energy when everything is in balance. Otherwise, it is a matter of stagnation, which is something else entirely.

If people really want to change the world, they can start by cutting out the monetary system as much as possible. If people have to spend money, try to keep it in your local community. Learn to barter with one another. How does that change the system as it stands? It changes it because there are local faces associated with your dollars that are not as readily going to corporate conglomerates. The more bartering and trading is done, the less need there is for a middle man. The less need there is for a middle man, the more we get away from the abstraction of money. If we want to change things, we have to be willing to change our own views on money—not just defend “why we have to charge for things” or why “Magick and money don’t go together” or why “Magick should only be used for material things”. It’s not enough to sit in our spiritual accomplishments and look out at the monetary world and declare that “we are just making a living”. If we really are co-creating reality, it is up to us to start doing something to change it in action.

  • Erin Byrne

    Freeman fly ( has a great video & article in which he compares the back of the US dollar bill to one of King Solomon’s “seals” (as in 2 “seal” in an entity into an object 2 gain its power–widely known as the lowest form of black magic). Solomon would entrap these “demons” using the entity’s symbol enclosed in a circle, and typically bind 2 circles 2gethr, just as the back of the dollar bill displays 2 of America’s symbolic seals, each within a circle (on left snd right of white house), and bound together by an elliptical enclosure.
    A Disgusting thought, that sorcery like that is affecting our people who r completely unaware they r participants in this sort of evil, and by remaining unaware, surrender their own power & contribute 2 the “spell.”
    Anyway, great article! Keep up the good work! Humanity needs more heroes like u!

    • jbschirtzinger

      Ah yes. The Solomonic system and are are very close. The back of a dollar bill is interesting from the standpoint of say, Egyptian mythology and so on. It’s not the sort of thing you’d expect folks to devise who are “hardcore christian”. Sorta a throw back to by-gone eras. People certainly do give aware their power. I dunno if the title of hero is befitting me, but I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

      • Erin Byrne

        Oh, but opening dialogues of discussion on such topics is heroic! It inspires others-for instance me, I wanna write a song now. Think I will 🙂