Meditation With the Planets: The Middle Pillar Meditation

I’ve written some other articles on meditation in the past. This one, however, I am going to entitle “The Middle Pillar” meditation, or if one prefers, the Eastern style of meditation present in Buddhism and Hindu styles of religion. (It also shows up in the book or Revelations. Check out Joshua Tilghman’s blog for a detailed run down on that—here.)


Ah yes, could you direct me to which of these pillars is the middle? Thanks. I really appreciate it.

The first, most important thing one can do if they are going to meditate is to be sure that they are sufficiently grounded. The easiest way to do that is to put the focus at the feet, and imagine them being covered up in sod—like a planted tree. Really visualize and feel the sensation. As you do this, breathe. Pay attention to the thoughts that cross your mind, or perhaps pay attention to the thoughts that don’t cross your mind. Simply let your mind rest here for awhile, and be.

The next step is to bring that feeling in the feet up to the root or first chakra. The anatomical point is the perineum. If you don’t know where that is, I’m going to just let you look it up. Imagine that you have a line that runs from your feet into the Earth and then imagine that line extending to the perineum. Let your awareness sit there. What things do you see? If you have memories, pay attention to them. Ask them what they want you to know. Then, ask your mind if there were a color here, what would it be? Ask yourself if you are happy with that color. Ask yourself what you would prefer it to be, and see if you can get it there. If no color presents itself as being “right” then shoot for the color “red”. Once you try that, imagine the planet Saturn. Imagine that you can pluck it from the sky and put it here. See what that does. Pay attention to the difference. Remember to breathe.

The next spot is two inches below the navel. Technically, it has a “front” and “back”. It is conical in shape. Put your attention here and move your roots up from the first area to here. Check the front first, then the back. Repeat the same process you did for the first spot, except this time, if you don’t have a preferred color shoot for orange. When you have gotten as close as you can to that color, imagine being able to pluck the planet Jupiter from the sky, and put it here. Remember to breathe. Do this for both “sides”. Any memories you see here, pay attention to. Do not get caught up in them.

Now, bring your roots up to the third spot, which is approximately where the lungs form a Y, or two inches above your navel. This area is called the solar plexus. Let your attention sit here. Repeat everything the same as before, front and back, except this time go for the color yellow. When you have gotten as close to yellow as you can get, put the planet Mars here. Notice any differences.

Continue on to the fourth point, which is dead center between your chest or “breasts”. Bring up the roots. Repeat the same process as before, except this time, go for the color green, front and back. When you have gotten as close as you can to green, place the planet Venus here.

Next, move to the fifth point. The fifth point is where the little hole sits in the clavicle, or the “bottom” of the throat. (under the Adam’s apple if you are a guy) Bring up the roots, and do as I have instructed you previously. This time, go for the color blue. When you are as close to blue as you can get, you want to put the planet Mercury here.

Go next to the sixth point, which is either between the brows, or in the middle of the forehead. Check the front and back. Bring the roots up. Go for the color indigo. When you have gotten as close as you can to that color, place the sun in the front area, and the moon in the back area. Connect the two together.

Finally, advance to the seventh point. Do everything the same as before. Bring the roots up. See what color is here, what color you would prefer. Aim for a white/purple. Place the planets Neptune and Uranus here. Now, bring down white light from this area, through all the centers we have been through, back to the ground. If you have certain questions, focus here at the top. See what comes to you.

You probably noticed that there is an overlap between this meditation and planets. You might then think, gee, that seems a little like astrology. This form of meditation is where astrology and consciousness overlap. Likely, if you do this meditation right, you’ll feel kinda sleepy when you get done, or more relaxed. Keep doing it systematically, and you’ll be surprised at the changes and information you learn.

  • Carol

    Ah! this works so well Joe Bill. I can’t thank you enough for all the times you have walked me through this meditation. =]

    • Carol,

      Glad you like it! It’s pretty good stuff for day-to-day energy management.

  • Erin Byrne

    I can’t WAIT to try it! Thanks!

    • jbschirtzinger

      Let me know how it goes, Erin!