Astrological Karma Placements: Units Necessary for a Karmic Story

When discussing spiritual laws, I touched on the law of karma. In that article, I discussed karma in conjunction with the concept of cause and effect. As a generalized principle, this is true. As a more specific principle, karma, at least of the baggage variety, which is what most people are interested in, acts as a distortion. The distortion is much like looking through a lens that has been marred in some particular way. Usually, whatever this marring is, it is difficult for us to erase. We are holding the distortion for a reason, and usually the reason isn’t all that good, but proves very hard for us to relinquish. Our lives are lived in an effort to come to terms with whatever this karma is in most cases, and the conclusion of a successful life is finally letting go of the distortions which we held so tightly. If we meditate, we might find some of it there. If we don’t, we will live it and it will show up in our lives.


He keeps coming and going…

In an astrology chart, there are some large karma indicators. A very old historic karmic marker is the planet Saturn. Saturn was known as malefic, generally because it caused “contraction and fear” where ever it touched. Saturn is a very “fatherly” planet. Whereas the mother tends to be empathetic and effusive, Saturn tends to be colder, authoritative, and generally reserved. These qualities on their own are not necessarily a problem, yet usually the relationship with the father is reflected in Saturn. So, for example, I have Saturn in the sixth house in Virgo. One would expect karma and heavy responsibility toward service, work, and possibly health. One would expect that the father influenced the attitudes on work/health in such a placement, and in fact, this is so for me. A “good” use of it would be the father demonstrating how to work in such a way as to promote harmony–and how to care for one’s health responsibly. A “bad” use of it would be to slave drive one’s child and how to essentially ignore the body so that the work gets accomplished. One way makes the karma more “pleasant”, another more “burdensome”.

Another example of a karmic placement in an astrology chart would be the South Node. Typically, wherever the South Node shows up is something we are traditionally pretty good at, but doesn’t provide us all that much satisfaction. It can manifest in many ways, but usually the feeling is one of being world-weary with whatever the South Node touches.

The North Node is also karmic, but represents that which we cannot seem to get enough of. It is usually less of a problem than the South Node, but only because our attitude toward it is more ravenous as opposed to “weary of”.

Another nuance of karma in an astrology chart is the asteroid Astraea. Astraea will give one a flavor of where one started to veer historically in a problematical way. Taken in context with the other karmic markers, one can begin to understand where a person has come “from”, and what needs to be let go of or viewed differently.

Very often, karma works at such a low-level of awareness that people don’t even know they are doing what they are doing. Often times, people will say that a person “wanted” something seemingly strange. They “wanted” to be raped, or they “wanted” to get killed, or any number of unusual desires. It is unlikely that the person “wanted” it consciously, but it is entirely possible subconsciously that such an event is something they feel compelled to experience. They may attempt to bend reality such that an experience like that comes about. The other person still has to choose to either give that person such an experience or not, but by setting one’s subconscious mind to requesting darker things, it is likely someone will find a person sufficiently dark to carry out whatever it is they seek.

When one reads an astrology chart, it is one’s responsibility to read the story inherent in the chart. The above markers go a long way to telling the story. Everyone, even if they are not an astrology, should have a passing awareness of these things, as they influence their lives tremendously. Contact your friendly neighborhood astrologer to find out about yours, or go digging yourself. Knowing what and where karma lies is the first ticket to bringing it to awareness, and thereby suspending its influence.