Leo South Nodes–Will Less. DO IT!

The Leo South node is, perhaps, a more challenging node astrologically than other nodes for the simple reason that society tends to encourage Leo energy more than Aquarious energy. (at least American society anyway) So what’s a poor overly dramatic Leo south node to do? Probably the first thing will be to start some drama. Then, it will be a pity festival. When no one shows up to pay attention to the poor Leo south node on the stage, though, that’s when then North node starts taking over.

Will it less, I ain’t lion.

Every Leo south I encounter appears to have one thing working against them at all times–their will. All Leo souths tend to have an abundance of will power–but it works to their detriment instead of benefit.Their key words tend to be “I want” along with “I create”. The problem is their “I want” with a south node never leads to happiness. It always follows along with “but I can’t get”.  Leo south nodes can’t get no satisfaction.


When Leo doesn’t get any satisfaction, things tend to go very badly for it quickly and everyone and their brother is going to hear about it. I once knew a Leo sun sign who would go out of his way to help those who probably ought not to have been helped. Whenever the inevitable moment came that the person he was helping stabbed him in the back, he would begin his “woe is me I always try to help people but people suck” routine. He’d regale anyone who cared to hear it with his latest tale of self-inflicted suffering. Leo south nodes tend to do this as well, but the problem is as opposed to the fellow who was a sun sign, nobody cares to listen when a South node does it.


The key for a Leo south is to get away from the words “I want” and “I create”. Instead, the trick is to remove one from one’s desires and self somewhat and ask what is needed at a group level. It is only by removing the spotlight off of the self that the leo south node ironically might get the spotlight. It’s not that the Leo south can’t have the spotlight–it’s that it can’t have it only on itself–only on what it wants. A south node in this position indicates that’s happened too many times in the past–and now the trick is to let go of that behavior and develop a more balanced one instead.


Once a Leo south node figures this out, then they are able to shine in a different sort of way than that to which they are accustomed–and ironically, the Leo south node finds it is happier shining that way than it was before.


Will less, win. Hard for a Leo south, but not so difficult for Aquarius south–but that’s another story.

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