Is Uranus REALLY Progressive, or What?

The planet Uranus. Yeah, the weird one that spins on its side. The wobbly one. Planet of ingenuity and instability. Astrologers love to talk about the “progressiveness” of Uranus. They speak of it as a revolutionary. It is not at all uncommon to read how Uranus in such and such a sign brings about a revolution in the nature of relationships or sexual attitudes, or health.  I  do not buy it, and I am here going to tell you why.

Uranus symbol

Yep, even the symbol is weird. What is that? A bull? What?

Every Chart is Special–Every Chart is Good

Every chart is unique. Where a planet like Uranus falls in an individual chart varies. While it is true that such a planet can have a generational effect by virtue of landing a certain place, it is more accurate to say that that generation is “Challenged with” whatever it is that Uranus plops in as opposed to saying it leads to “progress”.  Why do I say this?

Uranus has a lot of ideals, this is true.  Yet, if we look back across most human societies, there tends to be a certain pressure where values are concerned. For example, it is unusual to see a society that regards polygamy as orderly. It may exist behind the scenes, but most societies tend to settle on marriage being between two people. Is it progressive to suggest that polygamy ought to be the norm? From the standpoint of love being an ideal, sure. Unfortunately, such an ideal is also inherently chaotic for the simple reason that not everyone would be in such an arrangement due to love. Other matters would arise, such as insecurity and the limited resource of time. A revolution that is progressive ought to leave matters better than they were.  More often than not, though, Uranus advances little but instead causes instability. The instability, it is my position, rarely leads to some new lasting form but typically reinforces why the old form was instituted.

Uranus as Universal Policeman

The only time I would say the above is NOT true, is if whatever is instituted flies in the face of a universal law. Uranus has a unique way of tearing down what sucks in that case. If, for example, slavery is in force, Uranus will mercilessly show people why it is that people are not property. Likewise in marriage. Likewise with regard to sex. However, it is important to note that most spiritual traditions already say as much. Uranus simply serves as an exclamation point to what was already articulated and codified time and time again.

So, basically Uranus is about as progressive as the Bible in the sense that it highlights where things have gone spiritually off the rails. Sometimes it can herald progress in the sense of technology, but from the standpoint of being TRULY spiritually progressive, at least when understood in the right light, most religions at their core are AS PROGRESSIVE as a person can get.

What People Need Varies Little

As I suspect the technological revolution has borne out, though we  become technologically more capable and complex, the basic needs of humans remain the same. One can live longer and be healthier, and still be a miserable bastard for the duration. One can live spiritually healthy for 30 years and be satisfied with their life. So, internally then, Uranus does nothing but point out where we have veered from the ideal spiritual state in some way. It shakes things up until the right balance is restored. So, Uranus in Scorpio, for instance, is not about shaking up sexual attitudes in marriage with regard to open marriage or gay rights, it is about highlighting where the ideal of marriage and partnership has parted ways with the spiritual truth that underpins what this institution is. It asks the question forcefully are two people able to sexually interact and then exist as SEPARATE entities? There is nothing radical about this notion or progressive. It is the way it OUGHT to be to begin with. If marriage has become something that is not that, it has veered off course. If the independence is undermined, the marriage blows up, or someone cheats, or some strange permutation like an open relationship is instituted. Of course, if people simply honored independence in their sexual relationships, they would not need anything else to demonstrate to them their independence.

I suppose it could be said that returning something to spiritual ideals is progressive, but I tend to see that as more regressive. Uranus is a lot like Saturn to my mind, except that where Saturn acts as a stern taskmaster to remind you of duty and responsibility, Uranus goes about it by pulling the rug out from under one’s feet.  Both point at certain truths, but they go about it in different ways.

Hence, the next time you read about Uranus totally changing everything up, rest easy in knowing that whatever it is Uranus is allegedly doing, it is probably returning something back to the way it ought to have been in the first place. The upheaval is simply a result of things diverging from the ideal typically in harmful  ways.

 Your Turn!

Do you think Uranus is progressive? How so? Does it tend to point out where things are not ideal, or something else to you? Comment!