Spiritual Laws: The Second Spiritual Law: Polarity

After absorbing the law of unity, it is time to move on to a second spiritual law.
I am going to dub this law the law of polarity.

Polarness Not Found In Bears

The spiritual law of polarity is best described thusly: Don’t get stuck in one end
of a continuum, and if you happen to find yourself stuck in one end of a continuum, work with the opposite end and integrate it until you are no longer stuck. Since we know that law one is unity and that separation is an illusion, then if we are separating ourselves out on the basis of polarity, we are likely indulging an illusion because how can matters both be polar and unified? Put differently, if we are one with everything, then there is no ONE thing with which we are one dominantly over anything else.

Polarity in Action

Say for example that you are the sort of person who is always on time and gets really pissed off if someone is late. If you are unhappy with the magnitude of your emotional reaction, the law of polarity states that you need to remove yourself from the polarization of “on time” and look at it from the point of view as “these things happen”. As you begin to accept the reality that sometimes people are late, then your emotional reaction is not as severe to their lateness, and consequently you are better able to handle the situation when it arises. Instead of flipping out on the person, you simply state that you don’t appreciate their being late. After you do that, you are free to move on to more pressing matters instead of sitting around being pissed. Likewise, if you are ALWAYS late, then you move to the polar opposite side of thinking about organization and being on time. To paraphrase Aristotle, people are like warped boards. In order to be bent straight, an opposite pressure must be put upon them.


Lumber On the Straight and Narrow

Violation of Polarity

Breaking this spiritual rule results in a lot of black and white sort of thinking, along with an inability to find balance with other human beings different than one’s self. Masters of polarized thinking are children. It must be THEIR way, and if it isn’t instead of being malleable they throw a temper tantrum in frustration because they cannot accept that there is a larger world than their own. It MUST be the way they want it, because if it is not, they can’t do anything about it. If they can’t do anything about it, they are forced to accept that their will is not the only will that exists. Many adults, though, manage to break the law of polarity under the guise of leadership and confidence and have many people follow them. Sooner or later, the opposing force makes itself known, and struggle ensues. When this happens, one position will “win” and one will “lose”. Hence, polarity creates an atmosphere of strife when no effort is made to balance it. The thinking is best typified as “It is a dog eat dog world, so I’m going to get my part and everyone else be damned.”

What Do YOU Think?

Have you seen the spiritual law of polarity broken? What were the results? Have you broken it yourself? How did it work for you? Did it lead to a victory? Did you suffer any defeats? Comment away!