Some Things Men Are Better At, Some Things Women Are Better At: Gender Differences Just Are

You’ve been to the doctor and have your medicine. Now you need nurturing! What gender do you turn to? I’m gonna bet you even money most of you automatically answered or thought female. Quick, you need  a heavy box lifted off the floor, which gender do you turn to? I’m gonna bet most of you thought a male, or else you are male and said yourself.

The Big Elephant in the Room

When studying matters from an archetypical point of view, one quickly learns certain archetypes “tend to hold” for genders REGARDLESS of anything and everything else. It is possible that you are a very, very masculine woman in every way, but when it comes time to nurture the poor hurt raccoon, suddenly some motherly impulse of femininity emerges out of some hitherto unknown corridor and BAM you are Florence Nightingale despite all of the assertions to the contrary. Likewise, you can take the most feminine guy and place him in a situation where he  must operate alongside other masculine men, and sure enough, he starts to find his inner dude.  He might still be checking out the asses of the other guys, but he isn’t quite as “light in the loafers” as he was when he came in the door. The opposite of course can happen, a masculine guy can suddenly start acting slightly more feminine, but the point to be made is that each gender “carries” certain sorts of energy naturally even if in the end analysis it would rather NOT relate to that energy as much.

Nature Has An Order Not Accidentally

It shouldn’t be terribly surprising that this is so, although as comments on feminism blogs such as this one show, some people are surprised when their politics don’t line up with their tendencies.  That’s because the rational faculty isn’t necessarily limited by nature in what it can imagine, but the physical reality is different than what one might term “rational thinking” would suggest. Rationally, for example, it’s possible to imagine all the animals of the world not eating one another and getting all their energy from sunlight. I can make a compelling argument for why this SHOULD be the case, but it isn’t, and physical reality is that’s not the way nature is . Similarly, when it comes to gender, unless someone is born as a hermaphrodite, they have gender. Gender is not just some “societal construct” or “idea in the mind”. It is a physical reality. That physical reality has a lot of archetypical significance. Firstly, it demonstrates the break with androgyny that we might call “spirit”. Secondly, because that break has happened, it is foolish to try to pretend it hasn’t. In other words, trying to embody androgyny flies in the face of the reality that people are not androgynous and cannot be unless they happen to be born that way. You can choose to relate to your gender in a myriad of ways, but you cannot escape it, no matter how hard you try.


If you aren't an earthworm, no amount of wishing will make it so, or surgery.

But How Much of It Is Nurture?

Part of the problem that human beings have now is that they have more freedom in a sense. Science can, at times, give people children who probably wouldn’t have any otherwise. It can change the outward expression of gender, although it cannot change the chromosomal make up of it. The natural order of nature has been “messed with”. It hasn’t be changed, but it has been screwed around with more than probably any other time. This has created a lot of confusion in people. If it is possible to change genders, surely it is a mental concept? Surely all those millions of years of evolution along with the roles imposed by gender were just “because of society” and not at all implicit in the design of nature. To this, I say poppycock! POPPYCOCK! I said it twice.  Society has shaped gender in the sense of certain acceptable expressions, but this shouldn’t be confused with the fact that gender roles in nature have specific functions and specific talents. To deny these talents exist as a direct consequence of gender is foolish.

A Point Many Gender Theories Miss

One key point that most gender theories gloss over with regard to matters such as sex changes is that IF gender is strictly mental, then what is the need to change the physical? In other words, if what we are saying is that gender is a “mental thing or an orientation” then it shouldn’t be necessary to then change the physical. Just orient yourself and call it good. The reality is though, that such changes highlight the importance of the physical. They don’t diminish it. A key question to ask is, what if the option of changing your sex wasn’t available? That’s the way it has been for the majority of the existence of humanity. What would you do then? Would you perhaps be feminine in a masculine expression if you were a guy? Vice versa for a woman? Having the option of such changes and theories that encourage those changes I think does a disservice to people. They get told if you have trouble with being masculine, just go change yourself into a woman! That’s the fix! Never mind that you are not a woman, and even with the change you won’t be one then either. You’ll just look like one. Never mind the health risks and legal issues concerning it all. Never mind that, because since we CAN change the appearance of your gender, it follows that we should–because you can’t be a feminine man or a masculine woman. We’ll have none of that.

And to that, I also say, POPPYCOCK!

What Do YOU think?

Do you disagree with me? Do you think gender is mostly mental, or that gender doesn’t have a considerable number of automatic talents built into it? Then you’d better comment and pipe up!

  • I agree that people shouldn’t change their genders in order to line up with their mental attitudes. Instead, they should do the opposite and make it a little easier on themselves by just adjusting the way they think about it. If we’ve gotten by without it for so long, I’m sure people would be fine without getting their gender reassigned via surgery.

    • Joe Bill Schirtzinger


      It is odd to me how with the invention of sex changes people suddenly seem to be more confused and needing to change sexes than ever.