Saturn and Uranus: An Ancient Polarization in a Modern Struggle

Freedom and Rules

Just about everywhere you look, there are two chief debates simmering. On the one hand you have those who advocate freedom and progress, and on the other you have those who maintain the status quo and order. The two needn’t be mutually exclusive, but they often seem to find themselves that way. Why are they that way?

Saturn and Uranus, Saying the Same Thing in Different Words

Saturn and Uranus archetypically represent the desire for order, and the desire for progress and high ideals, respectively. Saturn was, mythologically, the son of Uranus. Saturn was associated with Chronus. Chronus is the titan, who, with a sickle, cut off Uranus’s testicles. (Talk about some family feuding) He did this in response to his mother’s pleadings, because she was tired of being knocked up. Then, a little later after hearing a prophecy his children would displace him, he started eating them. I should imagine it tasted a little like veal.

Saturn got his reputation for being responsible for taking his sickle and “de-nading” his father. As can be seen from the extreme measures he assumed to try to hold on to his kingdom, the dude had a serious penchant for order. In the end, despite all of his machinations, he still suffered the same fate as his father.

Uranus, on the other hand, was a little miffed for the whole “having his balls cut off” thing, and swore vengeance on Saturn.

The Fight Gets Modern

As a symbol, it isn’t hard to figure out what Saturn represents. He’s all about limitation, restriction, suppression. His lessons usually feature consequence. The old “this is gonna hurt you way more than me” applies with him. He toughens people up, but only through experiences that are unpleasant.

Uranus, on the other hand, symbolizes high ideals and sudden traumas. (Having your man-pole unceremoniously cut off can do that to you) He also symbolizes freedom as a general rule, more because of his association with the sky, and less because of his association of not having a wang.

How do these two play out in the modern world?

Saturn vs Uranus, Round 6,000

In the real world, Saturn often shows up combined with Taurus. Taurus is acquisitive and materialistic, and Saturn offers the structure to allow one to hang on to that which they have accrued. Courts are supposed to be a Libra type of energy, but have become more of a Saturn/Taurus sort of situation. As opposed to trying to see both sides and come to a compromise, it became strictly about who has the most money and the most attorneys. With this, they can interpret the law to be restrictive however they like. It sets up a two-tiered system, however. On the first level are those who can afford expensive attorneys, and on the other are those that cannot. Those that cannot are often more Uranus heavy.

So why do those who can’t afford attorneys often wind up more Uranus heavy? Because Uranus loves freedom and ideals. It gets on well with the planet Neptune. It is often difficult to combine ideals with earthly matters because as I previously noted, it tends to become tied too closely with material resources and less with freedom and progress.

If this is all a little too much for you, think of it this way. The Internet is a very Uranus type of invention. Equality, freedom for all, technology and progress. Saturn, on the other hand, wants to control all of that largely to its own benefit. (In part because Saturn rules Capricorn, but that’s another story.)

In real life, freedom usually gives way to Saturn encroachment. Saturn doesn’t really CARE about freedom, it cares about keeping order. He ate his damn kids for the love of all things holy! Do you think a little freedom sacrificed on the altar of order is going to bother him? Hell no.

A World Without Ideals Becomes More Saturn-based

A world without ideals is one where Saturn begins to run rampant. There are rules within rules. Restrictions within restrictions. They keep order, but they are not fair. The equality with others is lost. There is a sense of “me first” combined with a “this is justifiable because it is legally so”.

It’s Really, Really Hard to be Creative in a Saturn-ruled World

It’s hard to be creative in a Saturn-society because by its very nature it isn’t looking for creativity. It wants to control and manipulate to maintain order preferably to its benefit. Creativity however, stirs things up. It brings something “new” into the mix. It might break some “rules” by doing so. Saturn doesn’t care for those things. It strictly wants order.


This Dude Seems Slightly Out of Order

Copyright Messes, Money Messes, Any Legal Messes You Could Want

When you stop to think about it, artists who never have any commercial viability are seldom molested for their work. Saturn has no desire to control those artists because they aren’t making any waves, and Saturn surely isn’t going to notice much of anything so LONG as the status quo remains unperturbed and there is nothing to gain.

Once an artist gains recognition, though, the scrutiny begins to get more intense. Everyone wants their slice of the perceived pie, and if it is possible to mutate the law around to get that done, Saturn won’t mind doing that.

The same thing is true of divorce. One can have law with no semblance of justice. Too much Saturn gives one laws but in a spirit of hostility. They do not act to mete out justice, but instead act as “gotchas.” When law is used this way, it has been perverted.


If you have a tool and you add some customization to it, it may just be that you made the tool better. However, if you go to sell your tool, you might run into trouble because the company that owns the original tool may not much like seeing you profit off your improved tool using pieces of their design. Where does one draw the line between an improvement and a new tool? If Archimedes had patented the lever, most folks would be in serious trouble. What differentiates a lever from a crowbar? A stick from a stick person? Where do we draw the lines between parts and wholes?

On the Shoulders of Giants

We all stand, to quote Newton, “on the shoulders of giants.” Not one invention has ever emerged from a vacuum. When inventors, artists, and even prospective marital partners have to concern themselves with the legal ramifications of what they are considering doing, it does nothing other than stifle the flow of life and creativity. The same thing is true of markets that out price themselves. Things are always changing. They are always in flux. What applies in one situation where intent was malevolent does not necessarily apply to another situation where intent is not malevolent. If we truly want to be a creative society, we need to be able to focus on being creative, and not focusing on “whether our creations look like, or are too similar to” someone else’s stuff. It just gets in the way.


Now, if someone is going to flat out STEAL something–that blows. Stealing we will here define as “Taking something so as to deprive the maker of revenue when the maker is not gouging anyone or anything.” This applies to software as well as cars. It doesn’t matter if it is a physical object, or an intellectual one in this instance. What matters is the fairness. That’s what should matter to start with anyway. If you protest this definition, consider the case where a monopolistic company starts charging obscene prices for antibiotics. (No company would ever do that, right?) If you got sick, I bet you’d be willing to pay whatever price they asked, but that doesn’t mean that their pricing is fair. If you couldn’t afford the antibiotics, it doesn’t follow that you should therefore die. My bet is you’d be willing to steal the antibiotics–not because you “want” to but because in order to keep on living, it is necessary for you to have them. Property rights don’t matter when it comes to human life. If they do, that is a sign our rights have become too unhinged from those they are supposed to serve and have become instead the master.

Unintentional Theft?

Can you have such a thing as unintentional theft? Isn’t theft by definition taking something because you decide to? If it was unintentional, it is an accident. You might get in trouble for negligence, or some other such thing, but stealing? I think not.

Uranus and Saturn Agree on ONE THING

Both Saturn and Uranus agree that a person should be paid for their work. Uranus has the ideal that everyone will be paid fairly and impartially. Saturn has the ideal that work has value. (when combined with Taurus) Nobody is suggesting that people shouldn’t be compensated. However, when Saturn runs rampant, nobody makes anything for fear of repercussions. That’s more where we are now.

A Way Through It

I remember during my divorce that the attorneys didn’t want either of us talking to one another. Clearly, I didn’t have anything else to say, or else we’d not have been in court. On the other hand, what struck me as curious is that they don’t want you to talk not so much probably for legal reasons, but because you might just settle your dispute without having your attorneys involved. That’s obviously not a desirable situation for them. Therein lies the key.

What’s the key? In debate, you are told to assume your opponent has the best possible position. In other words, you are to assume that if your opponent has made an argument, it is the highest possible version of it. (Libra+Uranus combo) That means you don’t suppose the other person is being deliberately shitty to you. You don’t suppose that their intent is “bad”. You give them the benefit of the doubt, until you know otherwise. Everything is so Saturn heavy now, that there is no benefit of the doubt extended. You are guilty from the moment the first accusation flies because the person making the accusation WANTS it to stick. They have something to gain from it.

Therefore, you don’t have “a divorce” you have a “wife that stands to gain a lot of money, or husband that stands to gain a ‘younger’ wife”. You don’t have misunderstandings over licensing, you have infringement and all the damages that a person is therefore entitled to. You don’t have “harmony” but you have adversity complete with winners and losers and stiff penalties. Once this dynamic takes place, everybody loses. When nobody comes to the bargaining table to meet in the middle, no bargain is struck and everything falls apart. When Uranus and Saturn fight, Uranus always wins in the end. He brings the sky down. The trauma is great. Upheaval is ubiquitous.

Where We Are

It is possible to have artists while at the same time killing art. It is possible to have inventors while killing invention. This is where we are now. Uranus is already fighting back. Copyright is under fire and hard to enforce. Patents are absurd and bring about lawsuits that tie up courts. Uranus always wins if a deadlock results. What Saturn never sees coming is that by staying too stagnant, he brings about his end. You can only eat so many babies before somebody is gonna notice. Uranus comes to the door, and the trauma is great. All of your babies spill out of you, and a whole new way of life emerges with another order established. What has been phases out, and what will be has come in.

How Do You See It?

Do you see Saturn and Uranus duking it out? Which one do you think wins? Short term? Long term? Got some opinions on invention or copyright? Divorce? Legal system? Comment!