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  • Joe Bill Schirtzinger has worked with me for several years doing astrological readings, guided meditation and chakra work. I find his work to be incredibly detailed and comprehensive, blending different traditions to offer a truly unique experience. His guided meditation work with me has helped me to find peace and acceptance within myself and to make sense of an abusive childhood and to see how it is still affecting my present. Perhaps more importantly, he has guided me as I try to move beyond these issues and focus on furthering my spiritual development. He offers a unique style that is straight-forward and direct yet also compassionate and supportive. Between that and his impressive knowledge and understanding of spiritual work I find him truly exceptional and I recommend his services without reservation. It is truly a pleasure to work with him.
    Carol, RI
  • Joe Bill Schirtzinger has done natal charts and tarot readings for me over the past two years, as well as assisted me through guided meditation. He has helped me connect with my spiritual purpose and helped me ensure that my goals were properly aligned with my spiritual path. Through his readings and meditations, I’ve been able to make better decisions and lead a much more balanced life, and as a result, my life has significantly improved. I would highly recommend Joe Bill’s readings and spiritual services to anyone in need of some spiritual perspective or guidance.
    Christina, TX

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